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There are hundreds of products in lots of niche markets that you can promote to  make money online. This product promotion sector of online marketing is called AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Product vendors have a product (or products) that they want to sell, and a good way of promoting that product to make sales a lot quicker, is to use AFFILIATES.

An AFFILIATE is basically someone who promotes products for product vendors (i.e. other people).

The product vendor does all of the work of creating and setting up the product for sale, and all the afffiliate has to do is to generate sales for the product by way of online marketing methods.

A lot of product vendors in this market tend to sell DIGITAL downloadable products, e.g. over-the-shoulder Make Money Online video training courses, etc.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start an online business because it has very low startup costs and all you need is a computer and a decent Internet connection.

Typical commission payments to affiliates are 50%, and can be paid out anything from weekly to monthly, depending on what the terms and conditions are.

Below is a list of niche markets that have products that you can promote to make an income. There is usually something in these niches that you can find that is to your liking.

Body Building
Cloud Storage
Cryptocurrency and other Financial Trading and Investments
Dating 11
Depression, Anxiety, Self-Improvement and Self Help
Dieting and Weight Loss
Eco Friendly and Green Living
Email Autoresponders\Email Marketing Software
Fantasy Sports
Fishing Equipment
Fitness and Gym Equipment
Food and Cooking – Education, Meal Planning and Recipes
Food Delivery
Graphics, Videos and Images
Health and Beauty
Healthy and Organic Foods
Home Schooling and Tutoring
Home Security
Ink Cartridges
Language Courses
Lead Generation\Marketing
Make Money Online Training
Makeup and Cosmetics
Male Enhancement
Massage Chairs
Natural and Organic Beauty
Online Courses – Creating and Learning
Outdoor Cooking and BBQs
Password Managers
Pet Insurance
(PLR) Private Label Rights
Psychics, Horoscopes and Astrology
Social Media Management
Store Builders\E-Commerce
Supplements and Vitamins
Toddler and Baby
VPN Providers
Web Analytics
Web Backup Services
Webinar Services
Website Membership Plugins
Website Security\Cyber Security
Website Themes, Page Builders, and Plugins
Wine and Beer

Some Really Good Things About This Way Of Marketing Are:

You don't need your own product.
You don't deal with complaints.
You spend more time making money.
You just sit back in the comfort of your own home and collect your commission payments.
You don't deal with customer support.
You don't deal with downloading, or delivery of the product.
You don't need to have any physical products.
You let the product vendor deal with all of the headaches.


Internet Marketing And Affiliate Marketing Can Help You In So Many Ways...

BUT!!! You need to know where to start.

Practically every Internet and affiliate marketer will tell you that the best 3 markets to start your online journey, are niches in the following markets:




Products for these GLOBAL markets are always in demand, and don't forget, more and more are people getting access to the Internet every day.

There is a term used in Internet marketing, and it is; 'PASSIVE INCOME'.

Passive income means that you make money while you sleep.

Just think, whilst you're in bed sleeping, someone on the other side of the planet in a country that is awake, could be buying what your offering.

This one of the beauties of this industry, there's a global market out there that you can tap into.  That's how Internet marketing can work, and how you should be looking to promote your products.

The best way to start in Internet and affiliate marketing is by getting a good online training course that shows you what to do, and how to make money.

You need a course that gives you the best up-to-date information that works, and great guidance and training, because this is the fastest way to start making money online.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can then go on to make eye watering amounts of money.

In Internet marketing, there is no ceiling to the amount of money that you can earn.

Your first target should be about $10K a month within 12 months.

10K a month = about $333 or £333 a day, e.g.  = 10 sales of $33 each day from a GLOBAL AUDIENCE.

If you are in paid work, it is the equivalent of being paid just over $40 an hour for an 8 hour day.

So as you can see, $10K a month is an achievable amount of money to be aiming for in your first year.


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